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Dealing with my demons.
This is not pro ana/mia/anything.

Thank you so much gorgeous! Honestly recovery was the best thing tht ever happened to me <3


so as most of y’all should know by now, I’m well into recovery and therefore never on this blog anymore. However I dont really want to delete it without offering it to someone to maintain/ look after/ whatever you want. 

So I’ll be giving this account away to whoever messages me with the honest intention of using it for good. ie. not encouraging others to engage in pro-ed behaviours. If you identify as pro-ana / pro-mia, please dont bother messaging me. If you will use it to be empathetic to others and for your own self expression, then go nuts…its all yours. 

I also own the URL ele-gaunt.tumblr.com so yeah, someone can have that too. 

Good luck guys, love you all xx

excuse all you bitches but I’m almost 7 months into recovery.

what up.


I still am love :) 


aw, love you!! xx


Hey, she sent it at 12.30pm Australian Eastern Standard time yesterday. is there any way you can contact her?


Gorgeous girl, I need you to listen to me right now. Dont do this. You are worth so much more than you think. I understand what its like to want to take your own life, trust me, I do. But that is never the solution. Whatever you are going through, we can work through it together. Please dont do this baby girl, you’ve come so far already and I know that you have the strength to overcome anything. I know that both of you do, and I want to be here for you and Pieter. He needs you to be strong for him, and he’ll do the same for you. I’m here for both of you, just please dont hurt yourself my lovely xxx

Ok, my name is Pieter, and here is my story: 1 year ago, I started going to junior high, but I went to a choice school, that was in a different city than where I live, which meant new people and new friends and all that crap. Everything was fine until around 2nd semester, where I picked up some bad habits, and all of my friends left me, except for one person who kinda helped me. (more on that later) it took me a full quarter of school to drop all of the bad habits that I had picked up, and so I thought “oh boy, now my old friends can come back and everything will be happy again, right?” Wrong. I found out that my friends had spread really shitty, false and disgusting rumors about me, and now the whole school hated me, and at the same time, I found out that all of the kids I had gone to elementary school with for six years were all making fun of me. This has been carrying on since third quarter of last year, to this day in 8th grade. Do you all remember that one person who stayed with me a little bit? Yeah, that mean the whole goddamn world to me so I thought that I would invite him to a super small 14th birthday party I was going to have, and he responded with “no, we’re really not friends, this has been a one way relationship since seventh grade” that tipped me over the edge, and It was the first time that I cut. The other really important time so far was on 5/10/13 when I was just tired of all the shit, of having no friends, of having no one even talk to me, of everyone making fun of me, and so I snuck a knife into school, and during lunch, I slipped off to the bathroom to cut, and once I returned, I found that nobody had even noticed me leaving. There have been a couple situations where I almost ended it all, but I’m past that now. (I think) putting my story up here on tumblr is my 4th resort, the 1st was liquor, the 2nd was talking to my two friends, the 3rd was music, and now, here I am. I’m not sure what I am expecting from posting this, but one of my two friends told me it was worth a shot. Anyways, that wraps up my story. It’s missing about 20~30% of it, (me being sad and cutting) but there it is. 

— pieter08

hey gorgeous, if you’re reading this then I got your message but i’m not sure if you want me to post it or not, but I do want to talk to you. Your ask box isnt open though so I cant :( 

You can open it by changing the settings when you customise your page.

talk soon xx



Aw yay I got one!!!! Thanks anon <3

Harry: A scar on my body.

I hate all of my scars. I genuinely dont understand when people who are no longer self harming say that they love their scars because they ‘add character’ or something. Mine make me cringe. The thought that I used to hate myself enough to cause permanent damage to my body is enough to make me physically ill. To each their own I guess. Anywho, my least favourite scar is at the top of my left thigh. I cut CONTROL rather deep and I doubt that the scar will ever fade much. I remember having the urge to do this for the longest time but I was never triggered enough to do it. Then one night before I was about to go live at home for 2 weeks over the holidays I had eaten too much pasta (massive fear food) and purged it all. I had already purged twice that day and I was feeling super numb so I just did it. And regretted it instantly. 

Neville: An embarrassing story. 

My life. Jokes. Ummm. Fuck, I dont know. I broke my hand in grade 8 after running into a wall. I couldn’t go to camp so I had to tell everyone at school that I couldn’t go to camp because I had ran into a wall.